About Apollo Academy

As reflected in our Mission Statement, the Apollo Academy for Health and Humanism (AAHH) is a unique educational enterprise designed to provide participants with an immersion experience that will allow them to enjoy a more flourishing life through a greater understanding of wellness and preventive medicine as well as the life-enhancing benefits of great music and the other fine arts.

AAHH Workshop/Festivals and Retreats will bring together distinguished health and wellness professionals as well as artists/educators in classical music and the other fine arts. These Workshop/Festivals and Retreats will be conducted at the Ratna Ling Retreat Center, a Buddhist-based residential retreat located among the Sonoma Coast redwoods.

The incomparable Ratna Ling Retreat Center, as well as the distinguished AAHH Faculty and staff, ensure that each participant will have a life-enhancing experience that will extend far beyond the actual time spent at an AAHH Festival/Workshop and Retreat.

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Raphael's painting, "The School of Athens"